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Rescuer rescued

[ August 26, 2015   //   ]

She may not look like much today, but many folk over the years have been extremely glad to see the Ann Letitia Russell.
In her heyday the Fleetwood lifeboat saved more than 150 souls and now port operator ABP is returning the favour by joining a community effort to save her.
The 41ft Watson Class lifeboat served the waters off Fleetwood from 1939 to 1976 before being sold, moving to ABP’s fellow port of Lowestoft and falling into disrepair.
When local media reported on her condition in May this year, the community started a campaign to restore her; and on Wednesday she was back on the road home to Fleetwood.
ABP’s teams at the ports of Lowestoft and Fleetwood have volunteered their time and ABP has gifted storage space.
Once restored, the Ann Letitia Russell is expected to take pride of place on Fleetwood promenade.
To donate to the Ann Letitia Russell Rescue, visit: website: