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Restored rail link handles Sunderland port’s longest-ever train

[ September 27, 2023   //   ]

A 36-wagon 585 metre long DB Cargo freight train became the longest ever to visit the Port of Sunderland on 15 September.

Carrying just under 2,000 tonnes of alloy metal, the delivery was the latest in an established cargo flow on behalf of a client in the North East.

Rail volumes at the publicly owned, 306-year-old port have been slowly re-established since the connection was restored in 2014.

Port director, Matthew Hunt, said: “Seeing rail freight flows utilising our multimodal facility for regular, scheduled flows is most welcome.

“Since the return of rail cargo to the port, we have worked tirelessly to promote our multi-modal capabilities and demonstrate the sustainable efficiencies in supply chains that working with the port can provide and this is a marvellous example of this.

“It really is industry collaborative working at its best, helping to sustain the supply of a vital feeds stock commodity to one of the port’s valued customers, creating a real positive economic impact and we’re proud to be playing a part in helping enable that. Long may it continue.”

Chief sales officer at DB Cargo UK, Roger Neary, added: “There is a growing demand for freight companies to run longer and heavier trains as it makes clear economic and environmental sense.”