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Rhenus to deliver 200 million medical items

[ June 18, 2020   //   ]

German-owned forwarder Rhenus Group aims to deliver up to 200 million essential medical supplies to support Covid-19 relief efforts in several countries including France, Italy, Djibouti and Canada.

It says that as governments around the world rapidly evolve their policies and measures to curb the pandemic, Rhenus has had to demonstrate fluidity and adaptability to overcome unprecedented logistics challenges, such as arranging dedicated charter aircraft. It has also thoroughly sanitised all cargo and warehouses, provided additional security guards and extended working hours for Rhenus Asia-Pacific offices and warehouses to around the clock.

Efforts included Rhenus Indonesia delivering 62 tonnes of disposable medical masks to China and Hong Kong, Rhenus India helping the Health Ministry and Red Cross to distribute five million items of essential medical equipment to 60 locations and Rhenus Singapore’s delivery of 3 million masks to the US and the Dominican Republic.