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Road rules relaxed for car sales peaks

[ August 9, 2013   //   ]

The UK government is to relax cabotage restrictions temporarily for car transporters carrying complete cars and vans during the two annual registration peaks – between 22 February to 31 March and 25 August to 30 September each year – which account for over a third of new vehicle sales in the UK. While cabotage restrictions generally limit all foreign HGVs to no more than three loaded operations across the country within a seven-day period, during theperiods of relaxation there will be no requirement for the vehicle to enter the UK carrying goods, and no limits on the number of operations that may be undertaken in this country.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders welcomed the move. Commercial vehicle manager, Nigel Base, said: “We are extremely pleased that government has agreed to relax the cabotage rules ahead of the March and September registration peaks, it will enable the smooth running of these busy periods, maintaining the UK’s current strength in new car sales and helping to boost our economy.”