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Russian imports fall but Ukraine recovers

[ May 13, 2022   //   ]

Import volume into Russia continues to decline, says visibility specialist FourKites. The four-week average Russian import volume across all modes was down 10% week-over-week and down 81% since before the invasion began.

Import volume into Ukraine has though seen a slight recovery over the past few weeks, with the four-week average import volume across transportation modes up 170% since the week of 28 March  – 3 April. However, overall volume into Ukraine remains far below levels seen before the invasion began, down 73% compared to the week of 14 February.

Shipments to countries bordering Russia and/or Ukraine remain strong compared to the rest of Europe, with the seven-day average volume up 39% compared to 21 February.

Ocean dwell times in Europe have meanwhile continued to increase. The 14-day average for exports increased by 5% over the last two weeks. Over the same period, transshipment dwell times increased by 21% and import dwell times increased by 9%.