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Say it with smartphones

[ February 11, 2022   //   ]

Emirates SkyCargo transports more than 250,000 pieces of cargo every day, but what are the top five commodities that it transports in the run-up to Valentine’s Day?

Predictably, flowers top the list, and roses in particular with over 3,000 tonnes harvested from farms in Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia and many other countries. Most are first flown to the Netherlands, home to the world’s largest flower auction market, and then redistributed to other global markets.

Chocolates come next – no surprises there either., including over150 tonnes of premium brands during January and February. Zurich and Düsseldorf are the main European origin points but Beirut is also a major exporter to the Middle East.

Perfumes are also in high demand with 200 tonnes of high-end perfumes from France, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands to the rest of the world.

High-end watches, jewellery and accessories are also popular and in early- February there is a marked increase in the volume of high-end watches and other accessories from Zurich, Geneva and Hong Kong with over 1,200 tonnes of high end watches in January and February.

And, finally, a sign of the times: electronic gadgets such as mobile phones are also in high demand as Valentine’s Day gifts with a noticeable rush in the last few days.