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Schenker offers intra-Asia land alternative

[ February 10, 2014   //   ]

DB Schenker is offering an ‘Asia Landbridge’ service between ” now 23 stations in key cities and border regions in covers China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

In the past, most freight transport in Asia was carried by sea but shipping takes roughly two weeks from Penang in Malaysia to Shanghai; airfreight, although it takes only two days, is more expensive. A truck can complete the journey in just under a week and is far cheaper than airfreight. DB Schenker experts at the border crossing points ensure speedy customs clearance.

Special air-suspension trucks are used for the transport – handled by a consortium of experienced partner companies with DB Schenker responsible for coordination – while cameras, alarm systems, GPS tracking and even escorts ensure that everything is secure.

Chairman of the Schenker board of management and responsible for the worldwide business of DB Schenker Logistics, Dr Thomas Lieb, said: “These countries rank amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Overcoming borders is the only way to ensure that this growth can continue – and that is what our customers bank on.”