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Seafreight delays set to last into summer

[ May 19, 2021   //   ]

Carriers are canceling sailings well into the summer, indicating that under capacity will remain a headache for the foreseeable future, says shipping analyst Project44.

It adds that among the three major alliances, there is a significant variance in blank sailing rates, with certain carriers like HMM skipping ports more often than not, with an average rate of 67% through mid-June. 

On the other end of the spectrum, CMA CGM posted a 20% average blank sailing rate for the same period, leading Ocean Alliance to achieve the best schedule reliability, in terms of blank sailings.

For the 2M alliance, both Maersk and MSC posted a weekly blank sailing average of 45%, earning the lowest overall performance for any of the major alliances.

Project44 is warning shippers to adopt proactive supply chain strategies that anticipate delays.

One bright spot for shippers is a general reduction in blank sailing rates in June. CMA CGM has a 4% blank sailing rate for the week beginning 7 June, Evergreen’s rate for the same time period is 13%, and OOCL is 12%.