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Seko speeds Jag parts

[ April 15, 2015   //   ]

SEKO Logistics has helped Jaguar Land Rover fully automate its global priority warranty parts returns service. A multi-year contract covers shipments from Jaguar Land Rover dealerships in the UK, Europe, the US and the rest of the world, including Canada, Brazil, the UAE, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Returned products can range from engines to windscreen wiper blades and can be shipped to the original suppliers or back to one of JLR’s UK PRCs. SEKO Logistics is responsible for organising all transportation of priority parts returns from JLR’s global dealerships to the UK, the management of all imports and customs processes upon entry to the UK to avoid any delays, and the provision of end-to-end shipment visibility and tracking to enable JLR’s engineers to monitor the return of items recovered for inspection. SEKO has also developed and handles various categories of return including priority, super priority and hazardous shipments.