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Send it with batteries

[ December 15, 2021   //   ]

Digital forwarder sennder and chemicals and materials company Cabot Corporation have completed one of Europe’s first cross-border transports using a heavy-duty zero-emissions electric truck The two partners moved over 17 tonnes from the port of Rotterdam to Antwerp, with just one stop for recharging using existing infrastructure.

The project was used to prove that electric vehicles can successfully deliver commercial goods in the heaviest 40+ tonnes charged just once for the Rotterdam to Antwerp trip using existing highway charging infrastructure.

Breytner, an operator of zero-emission electric trucks, in association with Hn Post & Zonen, its joint venture partner, provided the 50-tonne maximum gross vehicle, which had a battery range of 150km. It ran entirely on electricity, with one charge taking place on the way to the destination and another when returning to base. Each charge took about 80 minutes and occurred in the Netherlands, a country with one of the densest charging networks in the world.

Cabot recently announced its ambition to achieve net zero emissions globally by 2050 and is engaging with suppliers that offer carbon offsets and sustainable solutions.

Head of green business at sender, Graham Major-Ex, said: “Some doubted whether fully loaded 40+ tonne trucks could travel highway distances on just electricity – we have proven that this is not only possible but something deliverable today.”

Meanwhile, Austrian forwarder Press release Gebrüder Weiss said it had been making deliveries to IKEA customers in Vienna using electric vehicles since October, with estimated CO2 savings at around  150 tons per year.

Its Home Delivery division is operating 15 new all-electric Quantron delivery vehicles. Head of customer fulfilment at IKEA Austria, Claes Lindgren said that Vienna is one of 30 major cities around the world where IKEA is switching to zero-emission delivery vehicles for delivery.

Gebrüder Weiss board member, Jürgen Bauer,  added: “Due to the short driving distances in the Vienna area and the low transport weight, e-vehicles are ideally suited for our home delivery services. E-vans make an important contribution to emission-free deliveries particularly in metropolitan areas with their high settlement and traffic density. IKEA customers in other Austrian federal states will also receive deliveries by e-van, he said.

The vehicles are charged with green electricity while being loaded at the central warehouse, meaning that the vans are immediately ready for use without any time being lost.