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SH-I-F-T in Russian move

[ September 10, 2013   //   ]

Stoke-on-Trent-based Xtract Filtration Systems has built and installed a state of the art glaze reclamation system in Russia with the help of forwarder 512 (Sheffield) and the city’s recently opened SH-I-F-T international freight terminal.

The equipment, which is being used by a sanitary ware manufacturer to recover valuable glaze and water from the manufacture of toilets, sinks and basins, was transported 2,600 miles to Russia through eleven customs points and seven countries its 40-hour road journey, broken down into sub sections.

Xtract project engineer, Andrew Frost, said the two partners: “helped with the entire process and provided a good degree of confidence that they could handle shipments to Russia. It was a critical shipment for the company which we couldn’t afford to go wrong. It had to be delivered on time and intact. Everything was all linked to the timing of installation including payment, and everything worked well.”

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