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Shippers from China take to the trains

[ May 4, 2021   //   ]

U-Freight Group says that the recent problems in the Suez Canal has boosted its rail route from China to Europe.
Chief executive Simon Wong, said the service had continued “a sharp upward trajectory in 2021, following on from a strong 2020. The Covid pandemic, and the capacity problems in the air and ocean sectors have pushed the route to much heavier usage, with the recent blockage of the Suez Canal leading to additional traffic.”
U-Freight started its regular service in 2014, consolidating cargo in Zhengzhou and using the daily service that operates from that railhead to and from Malaszewicze in Poland, Hamburg in Germany, and Liege in Belgium.
Last year, the forwarder added a second consolidation centre at its logistics hub in Shanghai.
Typical transit times from Zhengzhou to Malaszewicze are between 12 to 14 days, and 16-18 days to Hamburg.