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Shipping woes could be good news for UK manufacturing, says metals boss

[ August 11, 2021   //   ]

Port congestion and skyrocketing shipping rates are not all bad news for UK industry, argues Gary Peters, director at The Metals Warehouse.

In recent history, the country has lost a lot of business overseas as China was the cheapest option for manufacturing materials. In terms of cost of production and labour, it probably still is, but with businesses  having to pay over $16,000 (£11,500) to get containers to the UK, this opens up a vacuum that can be filled by UK manufacturers, he suggest.

He explains: “I believe there is a huge opportunity now for UK manufacturers to show businesses that they can provide the goods and services locally. It’s up to us as manufacturers now to truly own this and begin to rebuild the nation’s trust in the manufacturing industry.”

He continues: “Believe it or not, manufacturing is in the best state that we’ve ever known it…perhaps we should also look more optimistically at the great potential of the industry as opposed to its immediate shortfalls.

“If UK manufacturers can really begin to get a hold of the industry again, I’m confident we will see through this uncertain and challenging period.”