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Skyguard now on call abroad

[ August 15, 2011   //   ]

Skyguard has launched a personal emergency service for UK-based truck and courier drivers. The new service, claimed as the first of its kind, allows them to summon help at the press of a button if they find themselves in trouble overseas – initially in 34 European countries, the Russian Federation and South Africa. A similar service is already available in the UK.

The service is activated using a device the size of a key-fob and the smallest GPS alarm of its kind. It also runs as an app on a BlackBerry.

The user’s location and identity go directly to Skyguard’s Incident Management Centre in the UK, where trained controllers can listen in, talk if safe to do so and co-ordinate a response by summoning the local emergency services, and contacting the victim’s employers or relatives. Customers can also provide detailed personal information through an online portal, such as medical conditions, medications taken or a photo, which can be passed to the emergency services.

Skyguard International is available as an £18.00 per month add-on to the standard UK service, which starts at £11.95 a month based on a three-year contract.