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Slow progress for CDS

[ February 13, 2019   //   ]

Implementation of HMRC’s CDS – the replacement for the Chief computer system – is unlikely in the foreseeable future, suggests Gordon Tutt, chairman of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers.
While AFSS is still actively engaged with the CDS team for development and testing and there has been a significant improvement in the availability of the CDS Test Service from the start of 2019, many software developers have now given priority to preparation for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit, he points out, adding: “With limited resources to undertake software development in such a short time the impact will be to further delay the CDS development, testing and implementation.”
Meanwhile, the extent of software changes required for a No Deal has not yet been fully defined in terms of functional specifications and the test environments has not been made available, says Tutt. The software houses can offer a variety of technical solutions for both No Deal or where a deal with the EU has been struck, but there has been only very limited interest from potential new customers.