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Southampton rail upgrade complete

[ February 24, 2021   //   ]

Network Rail has completed a £17 million scheme to allow longer trains to operate to and from the port of Southampton. Engineers have finished a series of improvements on the lines used by freight trains between Southampton Central and Redbridge, allowing trains to carry up to 20% more freight. Trains once restricted to 520 metres can now be extended up to 775 metres, or 14 extra containers per train.

Network Rail’s director of freight, Charlene Wallace, said the project would be a major boost for the Port of Southampton’s three rail freight operators DB Cargo, GB Railfreight and Freightliner.

Freightliner averages up to 24 container trains per day in and out of their Maritime Terminal in Redbridge, while DB Cargo and GB Railfreight average up to 18 trains per day. GB Railfreight moves intermodal containers, vehicles and gypsum.