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Standards needed for fruit and veg supply chain

[ June 21, 2018   //   ]

The air cargo community should drive its own standard for perishables, without waiting for other groups and agencies to establish them, Cool Chain Association (CCA) Chairman Stavros Evangelakakis, told its conference in Luxembourg.

Mr Evangelakakis, who is also global product manager for healthcare and perishables at Cargolux, said collaboration, transparency, and data sharing, as well as training for perishables growers and better facilities are needed to inject quality into a fragmented and disconnected supply chain. “We should aim for quality, we should not wait for other agencies to come up with standards, we should look internally and act now,” he added.

A standard in perishables should be something similar to the existing ones for pharmaceuticals, he added, promising that he would push for one over the next two years during his chairmanship.