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Streaming hasn’t killed the video star

[ May 16, 2023   //   ]

Despite the growth of streaming, physical formats are still an essential element of any hit album or video.

And, to meet growing demand across the UK – the market for physical music like CDs is around £500 million – Utopia Music has entered into a long-term warehousing and logistics contract with DP World, a leading provider of supply-chain solutions.

DP World is fitting out a state-of-the-art, specifically designed warehouse in Bicester. The 25,000 sq metre site, equivalent to ten Camden Roundhouses, will showcase technologically advanced solutions such as high-density storage and robotic transfer, to enable smooth and efficient distribution of over 30 million units a year across the UK and export markets.

This £100m+ contract marks a significant milestone, as Utopia doubles down on its commitment to physical music and video, ensuring a future-facing home for its Utopia Distribution Services (UDS) arm.  Stock will be moving from UDS’ current warehouse in Aylesbury (inherited from Cinram whose assets Utopia acquired in 2022), to the new facility across the summer. 

In the UK, 17.3m physical albums were sold in 2022 – 67.1% of which were CDs and, as vinyl continues its 16-year-long rise, last month HMV announced plans to return to its original flagship store in London’s Oxford Street. The physical video market also shows excellent standing, worth around £209m a year.