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STRING partners aim to make hydrogen trucks more than just a theory

[ January 20, 2022   //   ]

Some 13 local and regional governments in the STRING consortium in Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, together with six private companies have applied for EU funding to set up the GREATER4H project, a network of hydrogen fuelling stations from Hamburg to Oslo.

Members of the consortium say that, unlike battery electric trucks, a hydrogen vehicle refuels in 5-12 minutes, making it possible to transport goods and people without logistical challenges. Hydrogen vehicles are also silent and their only by-product is water vapour.

Private partners Everfuel (Denmark), Hynion (Norway) and GP Joule (Germany) will build and operate the refuelling stations, while Quantron (Germany) will supply hydrogen vehicles in different weight categories.

Renewables firms Ørsted and Renova have joined as associated partners to contribute perspectives on the supply of green hydrogen and truck operation.

The project was developed under the chairmanship of the Schleswig-Holstein region of north Germany which will lead GREATER4H in the future.