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Strong start for P&O’s Swedish route

[ October 17, 2016   //   ]

P&O Ferries says that its UK/Gothenbrug via Zeebrugge service – operated jointly with Swedish Orient Line (SOL) – has almost its traffic compared with 2015.

The ferry and logistics company went partnership with Swedish Orient Line (SOL) last year using SOL’s Gothenburg to Zeebrugge service, which then connects onwards to Britain via P&O Ferries’ Zeebrugge-Tilbury and Zeebrugge-Teesport routes.

Between July and September, P&O Ferries shipped 1,541 units of freight between Gothenburg and Britain – a 92% increase on the same quarter last year.

Director of sales at P&O Ferries, Henrik Pedersen, said: “These numbers demonstrate that there is significant and growing appetite among continental exporters for a reliable service which takes goods from the largest port in Scandinavia to within touching distance of the principal markets of England and Scotland.

“Our partnership with SOL Line means that customers only have to make one call to arrange shipment from Gothenburg to Tilbury or Teesport, with office furniture, house modules, paper, timber and car parts all being transported in growing quantities. We expect more interest in this ground-breaking service in the year ahead as projections show the British economy continuing to grow faster than the rest of the EU.”

Zeebrugge is P&O Ferries’ main continental hub, with connecting services to Hull as well as Tilbury and Teesport.

In July, P&O Ferries announced a doubling of freight capacity at Zeebrugge in order to meet increased demand including a fourth berth and enhanced rail capacity  giving an annual capacity of 700,000 units a year at the Belgian terminal compared with 370,000 currently.

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