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Study could pave the way for 400mph fruit and veg

[ January 25, 2021   //   ]

The Municipality of Rotterdam Port of Amsterdam, Air Cargo Netherlands and other trading and local government interests have signed a study covenant for a proposed hyperloop for the Rotterdam-Amsterdam freight corridor.

Similar in concept to the schemes being promoted by DP World and others in the Gulf region, the public-private Hyperloop Development Program says that a cargo hyperloop can offer many benefits to the fresh produce industry, by greatly increasing the speed and reliability of deliveries.

It could also lead to a great reduction in maintenance costs of existing infrastructure and traffic jams, as well as air quality improvements.

A hyperloop is a linear-powered rail system operating in an evacuated tube, which greatly lowers air resistance compared with trains operating in the normal atmosphere. Protagonists of such systems say that they could one day rival jet aircraft for speed.