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Swiss-Italian customs agents set up Dover arm

[ June 8, 2021   //   ]

Swiss-based customs agent Franzosini and Italian customs clearance company Butti Dino have set up a new UK joint venture in Dover, F&B under branch manager Evelynne Morris (pictured). The partners say the UK now faces similar customs clearance challenges to Switzerland, Brexit has created an increase in work for Butti Dino and Franzosini.

Both family-run companies, operating since 1929 (Franzosini) and 1968 (Butti), saw the arrival of Brexit and UK customs clearance issues as an opportunity.

With over 30 years of experience, Evelynne Morris has worked in sectors ranging from automotive to fine art and has also been a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, as well as helping clients achieve AEO status.