The folding stuff can save you money

Holland Container Innovations is holding demonstrations of its 4FOLD foldable box at the HCCR depot in Hamburg on Tuesday, 27 September, Wednesday, 28 September and Thursday, 13 October. The events are open to everyone following registration. Empty 4FOLD containers can be folded to a quarter of its normal height, allowing four to be handled and transported as if they were a single standard container. The demonstrations are supported by a €2.5 ... [+]

EU to fund folding container

Delft-based Holland Container Innovations (HCI) has won a €2.5 million grant from the European Horizon 2020 programme for the 4Fold foldable containers it is developing. The 4Fold container can be reduced to a quarter of its normal size when empty and is designed to reduce the €25 billion a year spent ... [+]

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