Future of Parliament freight group hangs in the balance

Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Freight Transport, Rob Flello MP is warning that he faces an uphil struggle to get re-elected in the coming general election on 8 June – which could in turn threaten the future of the group. He says that while he hopes that it can be reformed in the next Parliament, the odds are “heavily stacked against me and with only a small Parliamentary ... [+]

Transport faces Brexit ‘quagmire’ warns MP

Chairman of the All Party Group on Freight Transport and Stoke-on-Trent South MP, Rob Flello has cautioned against bundling up all EU legislation in a single ‘Great Repeal Bill’ could risk the transport industry getting bogged down for years to come. Speaking in a debate on Exiting the EU and Transport, ... [+]

Spending £250m on Kent lorry park is ‘bonkers’ says MP

Parliamentary Freight Transport Group chairman Rob Flello has criticised Government plans to spend up to £250 million on a lorry park in Dover as “a poor use of public funds.” His criticism came as the Government announced an inquiry into the measures currently taken and facilities used whenever vehicle ... [+]

Transport chairman sees Calais ‘mayhem’ at first hand

Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Freight Transport, Rob Flello has seen for himself the mayhem at the Port of Calais. He said that despite the Eurotunnel terminal now becoming “a fortress”, access roads are like a war zone, “unsafe for motorists and professional drivers.” He promised to raise the ... [+]

Freight group chairman calls for “friendly” budget

The chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Freight Transport Rob Flello and Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent has called on chancellor George Osborne to deliver a “freight-friendly” Budget on 8 July. He is urging him to cut fuel duty, tackle skills shortages and improve infrastructure “The Chancellor needs to cut ... [+]

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