Antonov flies to the aid of Saipan

Antonov Airlines has completed 23 flights in under a month to help rebuild hurricane-stricken Saipan working with charter broker Air Partner. The Ukrainian airline transported relief supplies and other equipment including ready meals, water and tents to support the Western Pacific island following Super Typhoon Yutu. [+]

Antonov ensures Swift transport

Antonov Airlines transported stage equipment for US singer Taylor Swift from Brisbane to Auckland, and then on to Narita airport in Tokyo, Japan. The Ukrainian heavy lift carrier used two AN-124-100s to ferry the light-show system and equipment earlier this month for the final leg of her Reputation Stadium Tour. [+]

Antonov completes longest-ever AN-225 sequence

Antonov Airlines completed the longest succession of AN-225 flights in the aircraft’s commercial operating history when it delivered giant generators from Chile to Bolivia. The Ukrainian airline delivered twelve Heat Recovery Steam Generator modules, each weighing 160 tonnes, for Hansa Meyer Global Transport in 12 consecutive flights. [+]

Antonov Airlines soars away

Antonov Airlines said its revenue grew by 81% in 2017 compared to the previous year, while January to May figures in 2018 were up 42% thanks to its strategic partnership with Dreamlifts and the establishment of its UK headquarters at London Stansted Airport. The heavy lift operator is working with ... [+]

Do or die task for Roadrunner

Roadrunner Transportation Systems company, Active On-Demand, swung into action recently to move an urgent 87,000lb die tool from Ohio to Nottingham after a fire disrupted production at Ford Motor Company. A team member from the logistics firm accompanied the shipment on a chartered Antonov AN-124-100 aircraft. [+]

Into orbit with Antonov

Antonov Airlines’ new Houston office has moved a communications satellite from Washington to Cayenne, French Guiana for Orbital ATK on board one of its AN-124-100 aircraft. The Al Yah 3 Satellite, the first of Orbital ATK’s GEOStar-3 satellite platform, was in a 11.4m long container. Due to the size and ... [+]

Antonov appoints agent in India

Antonov Airlines has appointed Flywell Aviation as its general sales agent (GSA) in India. The New Delhi-headquartered company also has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore, and provides services to the defence, aerospace, oil and gas, rail and construction. [+]

Antonov eyes overseas expansion

New heavyweight cargo carrier Antonov Airlines says it is planning to set up outlets in the US and Hong Kong, following the opening of its office at London Stansted Airport in the UK. It has meanwhile appointed a general sales agent covering Japan and Australia. Antonov operates seven AN-124 freighters, ... [+]

UK aerospace helps keep Antonov aloft

Ukraine-based plane maker Antonov – designer and operator of the mighty An124 - is replacing all the Russian components in its aircraft with items from other countries, including the UK. Historically, Ukraine and Russia cooperated in the design and development of the Antonov series of aircraft, but political relations between ... [+]

ACS and Antonov move Americas’ biggest air load

Air Charter Service’s Brazil and Florida offices chartered Antonov Airlines’ giant AN-225 to carry the heaviest single piece of air cargo to be flown in the Americas, a 182 tonne transformer from São Paulo to Santiago de Chile. From there it was transferred to its final destination, where it replaced ... [+]

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