Box rates set to increase again, says forecast

Box rates could start to increase again from as early as this month, says online logistics company Container xChange in its latest market forecast published on 9 March. It says that while supply of containers is currently overshooting demand, there could be ripple effects such asdepots working on maximum capacity. In China,  for instance, they are at 90% utilisation and unable to accept new clients. It also makes it difficult for depots ... [+]

Container xChange launches time-saving solution

Hamburg-based Container xChange has launched xChange Insights, a data-driven solution that enables companies in to access live prices, one-way leasing rates and their development across 130 global locations. It aims to reduce the time that traders, forwarders, and NVOCCs spend in keeping their container and leasing rates up to date. ... [+]

Shipper owned containers slow to switch to digital booking

Booking shipper owned containers (SOCs) can still be challenging, according to a survey by Container xChange. The research, carried out in partnership with Copenhagen Business School, covered 137 freight forwarders and NVOCCs and found that over 80% still use email and phone to get quotations and place slot bookings. Container xChange ... [+]

Box depots to bear the brunt of inventory slump

Container depots will bear the brunt of a box surplus well into 2023 in the face of a major slump in orders, says the Container xChange (CxC) online platform. It reports that shippers have slowed ordering and carriers cancelled sailings due to low demand and high inventories. However, demand will bounce ... [+]

China’s Taiwan sabre-rattling could affect shipping – but effect will be limited, says expert

China’s military activity in the Taiwan Strait could affect global supply chains says shipping technology firm Container xChange.China mounted a series of intensive drills in the region, including firing missiles, to show its displeasure at US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island nation, which Beijing regards as a ... [+]

Box prices in free-fall, says Container xChange

Second-hand container prices are plummeting due to oversupply, said box trading and leasing firm Container xChange in its latest analysis. It said that congestion at ports in early 2020 led to the panic ordering of record numbers of new boxes and, with markets reopening and demand softening, there is now ... [+]

Shipping tech firm predicts chaotic Christmas

This year’s summer peak season cargo surge will be even more chaotic for global supply chains than the 2021 peak, according to a shipper survey by the Container xChange marketplace. The ‘xChange Industry Pulse Survey’ found that 51% of respondents expect the 2022 iteration of the peak season to be worse ... [+]

Lockdowns, not Ukraine pose biggest threat to China supply chain, says expert

Covid lockdowns could cause greater damage to China's supply chain than the Russia-Ukraine crisis, says the  Container xChange logistics platform in its latest analysis. It says that, two weeks since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there seems to be a negligible impact on container prices and leasing rates in China while container ... [+]

Container industry wary of 2022 – but rates could tumble

Global container logistics players wary of the future in 2022 and are rethinking their strategies, according to a survey by trading and leasing operator Container xChange published on 8 December. The survey of 800 shipping lines, container traders, forwarders, NVOCCs, shippers and procurement companies found that 75% are rethinking their ... [+]

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