Brexit hits business – but some firms benefit

Some 43% of businesses said they have been impacted negatively by Brexit in 2021 – but 19% of businesses are thriving in a post-Brexit world, particularly electronics and computer firms, according to a report by logistics software group Descartes. The report adds that 90% of businesses have faced disruption since the end of the Brexit transition period, while 53% expect their 2021 turnover to be lower than if the UK ... [+]

Descartes repeats Brexit warning

Logistics software specialist Descartes Systems Group has repeated its warning that businesses are unprepared for Brexit at the end of the year. It says that the lack of certainty surrounding the deal still under discussion between the EU and UK is undermining certainty. A survey by Sapio Research on behalf of ... [+]

Business unprepared for December, says survey

Two thirds of UK businesses have had their Brexit preparations disrupted by Covid-19, according to a survey by Sapio Research on behalf of logistics software specialist. Descartes Systems Group. Less than a quarter are confident that they will be able to cope with the extra administrative burden of Brexit, while two ... [+]

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