DFDS adds fourth Rosslare/Dunkerque ship

DFDS will introduce a fourth freight ferry to its service between Rosslare and Dunkerque in Northern France. The Ark Dania has a capacity of 188 trucks including 12 driver accompanied units and 176 unaccompanied. It will also free up capacity on the three other ferries for more driver accompanied traffic. The direct route between Rosslare and Dunkirk was launched on 2 January with three ferries to offer an alternative for ... [+]

New DFDS Ireland route ‘almost full’

DFDS reports a near 100% utilisation of its Dunkerque-Rosslare route, opened on 2 January. The service is operated by three ships, with the larger MV Drottenreplacing the Optima Seaways soon after the launch. DFDS has appointed additional staff in Rosslare who are now being trained with more positions due to ... [+]

DFDS to launch Dunkirk to Ireland route

DFDS is to start a new freight ferry route between Rosslare, Ireland and its northern French hub in Dunkerque from 2 January. The route will be serviced by three ferries, each with a capacity for up to 125 lorries and their drivers in Covid-19-safe single cabins. There will be six ... [+]

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