ECS restarts Niger flight

ECS Group has reinstated its B747 Niger Air Cargo service the sole, direct full-freighter connection from Europe. The service had been suspended following the military coup in the west African country. It offers 150 tonnes of cargo capacity per month from Liège, Belgium to Niger’s main cargo hub, Niamey International Airport, offering a link to neighbouring Nigeria and Mali.During the pandemic, Niger Air Cargo’s leased B747 was instrumental in ensuring ... [+]

GSAs for the post-Covid world

ECS Group says it has taken the archetypal airfreight general sales agent (GSA) concept “to a whole new level” to help its customers cope with the effects of Covid. As smaller and medium-sized airlines begin to ramp up again, they may face a number of organisational challenges, many of them ... [+]

ECS offers postal solution

Airfreight general sales agent ECS Group is launching GSA Mail Solutions allow airlines and postal operators outsourcing postal and e-commerce activities. It will also offer multiple transport solutions.Postal traffic has been on the rise recently due to the growth of e-commerce. GSA Mail Solutions will partner with ECS Group network ... [+]

ECS takes stake in Niger Air Cargo

Paris-based general sales and service agency ECS Group has taken a controlling interest in new carrier Niger Air Cargo. The airline, launched in association with a private investor in Niger, will operate a weekly MD-11 or DC-10 freighter service from Liège to the capital Niamey. ECS is the exclusive global ... [+]

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