Envirotainer adds Americas capacity

Cold chain pharma specialist Envirotainer has added more containers to handle increasing business from the Americas. Its RAP e2 containers are now able to make five times more one-way trips from the Americas to Asia Pacific compared to last year. The company has also seen a 65% increase in one-way capabilities for shipments of its RKN e1 containers. [+]

Envirotainer to merge with va-Q-tec

Pharmaceutical logistics specialist Envirotainer and thermal insulation company va-Q-tec have gained approval from the Austrian and German competition authorities for a merger. Envirotainer said va-Q-tec’s offering of advanced passive boxes and containers that maintain temperatures from -180°C to +20°C without external energy input would be a perfect match for its own ... [+]

Envirotainer celebrates ten years in Mexico

Cold chain solution specialist Envirotainer has celebrated a decade of operations in Mexico. Over the past 10 years, it has worked closely with its partner, ULD Services MEX, to develop temperature-controlled air freight in the country and spearheaded the safe transportation of pharmaceuticals. Prior to Envirotainer’s presence in the market, Mexico’s ... [+]

Envirotainer reports jump in shipments

Pharma cold chain solution specialist Envirotainer has reported a 24% increase in medicines shipped around the world in its temperature-controlled units. Its fleet moved around 744 million doses (272 000 pallets) in 2022 compared with 600 million in 2021. Envirotainer expanded its production site in Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm in November ... [+]

Envirotainer gears up to move a billion doses a year

Active airfreight container firm Envirotainer has expanded its production site in Rosersberg, just north of Stockholm in response to high demand for temperature-controlled units to transport medicines. This year alone, the business will add annual shipping capacity for around 200 million more doses and by the end of 2022 will ... [+]

First flight for Releye RAP

Envirotainer has made the first commercial shipment using its new Releye RAP temperature-controlled container aboard a Swiss WorldCargo flight. The shipment started in Basel, Switzerland, landing at JFK in the US and comprised three Releye RAP units and two RAP e2 units, on behalf of a Swiss pharmaceutical company. The ... [+]

Qatar approves Releye RAP temperature-controlled container

Qatar Airways Cargo has approved Envirotainer’s Releye RAP temperature-controlled airfreight container, launched on 9 February. Based on the same platform and technology as the three-pallet Releye RLP launched in 2021, the Releye RAP is the second in a family of temperature-controlled containers that Envirotainer is developing. Envirotainer says it offers the largest internal ... [+]

Anglo-Dutch airline and Envirotainer sign green pact

Envirotainer has signed a sustainability collaboration agreement with Air France KLM Martinair Cargo (AFKLMP Cargo) for pharmaceuticals. The carrier has approved the newly introduced Envirotainer Releye container and is in the process of implementing it in its booking system. It says it provides outstanding environmental performance, delivering up to 90% ... [+]

We’ve moved a billion vaccines – but we must do much more, says Envirotainer

Airfreight coldchain specialist Envirotainer is calling for continued collaboration between pharmaceutical firms and the logistics industry as it marked the billionth Covid vaccine carried in its fleet of over 6,500 temperature-controlled air cargo containers. With much of Europe introducing new lockdowns in the face of the Omicron surge, the whole sector ... [+]

The big chill

Cold chain airfreight specialist Envirotainer has launched a CryoSure platform for pharmaceuticals requiring transport at -70oC. Whereas most temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals have involved temperature ranges of 2–8°C and 15–25°C, many pharma products and biospecimen samples require below -70°C shipments. Moreover, many new cell and gene therapy, clinical development, other non-finished products as ... [+]

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