Channel woes hit Le Shuttle freight

Le Shuttle Freight transported 1% fewer trucks in July 2022 compared with July 2021  - 115,712 due to the difficulties on the UK roads around Folkestone and Dover. But passenger vehicles were still up 176% compared with last year. [+]

Eurotunnel makes 33 million runs

The 33 millionth truck crossed the Channel aboard the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight service on Monday 12 July. It belonged to Nordfrost, the biggest German frozen and chilled food transporter to the UK and a customer that has used the service since its opening in 1994. The driver, Rene Schwarze, ... [+]

Strong half-year for Le Shuttle freight

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight transported 125,672 trucks in June 2022, an increase of 9% compared to June 2021. For the half year, almost 767,000 trucks have crossed the Channel aboard the Shuttles, an increase of 19% over the same period of 2021. [+]

Strong May for Tunnel shuttle

Le Shuttle Freight transported 137,313 trucks in May, an increase of 22% compared to May 2021. Since 1 January, more than 641,000 trucks have crossed the Channel aboard the Shuttles. Passenger traffic meanwhile surged by over 200%, to 170,332 vehicles. [+]

P&O stoppage boosts Tunnel

Le Shuttle Freight transported 128,980 trucks in April 2022, an increase of 14% compared to April 2021. The increase was driven by the suspension of P&O services between 17 March and 26 April. Since 1 January nearly 504,000 trucks have crossed the Channel aboard the Shuttles. [+]

Eurotunnel freight jumps almost 40%

Eurotunnel’s Shuttle Freight transported 113,917 trucks in January 2022, up 38% compared to January 2021. The Channel Tunnel operator attributed the increase to its Eurotunnel Border Pass customs clearance scheme. [+]

Le Shuttle Freight down in December

Le Shuttle Freight transported 122,434 trucks in December 2021, a decrease of 7% compared to 2020. The comparison with last year was affected by significant stockpiling at the end of 2020 in anticipation of the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020. The full year figure for ... [+]

Le Shuttle freight down by a quarter in February

Le Shuttle Freight was down 24% in February compared with the same month in 2020, at 99,787 trucks. The tunnel operator said the market still marked by the adjustments to new post-Brexit administrative rules, “but with a trend towards normalization”. The compulsory negative Covid test, for truck drivers entering France ... [+]

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