Check customs decs before you ship, warns FTA Ireland

FTA Ireland is warning UK businesses sending goods to Ireland to ensure that they have correct customs declarations or face potential delays on arrival at Dublin and other ports. In the first week of the new trading relationship between the UK and Ireland, several loads bound for Dublin have been prevented from entering the country due to missing or incorrectly completed paperwork.  And while traffic flows are still building after the ... [+]

FTA Ireland urges one last push for Brexit talks

FTA Ireland (FTAI) is urging the UK and the EU to reach a trade agreement urgently to protect Ireland’s supply chains, as well as the trading relationship between the two blocks. Despite an extension to the talks – a move welcomed by FTAI – the risk of a no-deal is ... [+]

Irish traders in for Brexit shock warns FTAI

Failure to negotiate a trade agreement between the EU and UK “will deliver a deep, sharp shock to the movement of goods between Britain and Ireland”, warned FTAI Ireland (FTAI) general manager, Aidan Flynn. Commenting on the Irish Government’s 2021 budget on 14 October, he said that such a scenario would ... [+]

FTA Ireland signs customs deal

FTA Ireland (FTAI) has signed a partnership with clearance agent Declaron, management consultancy BDO and outsourcing specialist Fexco to manage customs processes and provide end-to-end customs support after Brexit. The service offers full end-to-end support, interfacing with the relevant authorities to ensure smooth customs clearance, as well as managing the new, stricter sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) requirements. FTAI ... [+]

Ireland manifesto calls for trade-friendly focus

FTA Ireland said that businesses moving goods and services need the right trading environment at EU level to allow them to operate safely, efficiently and sustainably, on launching its Transport Manifesto in Brussels on 3 September. General manager Aidan Flynn called on the newly elected Members of the European Parliament, the ... [+]

FTAI calls for Brexit support funds

FTA Ireland (FTAI) is calling on the Irish government to support logistics businesses through the possible cliff-edge of a No Deal Brexit by providing them with preparedness funding in the 2020 Budget. General manager Aidan Flynn has asked Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe, to support the industry through a potentially turbulent ... [+]

FTAI urges Irish Government to ramp up No Deal plans

The Irish government is unprepared for a No Deal Brexit scenario and the logistics industry will suffer as a result, warns FTA Ireland. The association has called on the government to urgently advance and clearly communicate its contingency plans for the haulage sector should the UK leave the EU ... [+]

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