Updated-2: UK ‘could stay in EU Common Transit Convention’ to speed intra-Ireland freight

The UK government has suggested that the UK could remain part of the EU Common Transit Convention to help smooth the flow of freight between Ulster and the Republic of Ireland, the BBC reports. In its second paper published in three days on suggested post-Brexit customs arrangements, this time on the specific case of the Northern Ireland land border with the EU, it suggests that there would also be a continued ... [+]

Keep fuel prices down, urge Irish truckers

The Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) is calling on the government not to increase diesel fuel duty for commercial vehicles in the October 2018 Budget and keep the country’s logistics sector competitive post-Brexit. FTAI general manager Aidan Flynn says fuel now represents a third of the total cost of the operation ... [+]

FTA Ireland calls for all-Ireland solution

Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) has called for a solution for Ireland – including the critical border issue – to be given top priority. Production processes and supply chains on both sides of the Ireland/Northern Ireland border are highly integrated, with many businesses operating on an island of Ireland basis and ... [+]

We need a Brexit minister, says Irish freight industry

XThe Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) is calling for the urgent appointment of a dedicated Brexit Minister in the Irish Parliament, following the resignation of Enda Kenny as Taoiseach. FTAI says that, without a minister operating in the role, there would be a lack of leadership which could affect the ... [+]

Ireland must be top priority in Brexit, says FTAI

Freight transport group FTA Ireland (FTAI) has called on both sides in the Brexit negotiations to make sure that Ireland’s unique circumstances and links with the UK are prioritised. It says that avoiding uncertainty and a cliff edge for businesses should be a priority for both negotiating teams. FTAI general manager, Aidan ... [+]

Irish hauliers call for tit for tat on French wage laws

FTA Ireland is calling on the Irish Government to seek a repeal of France’s minimum wage laws and, if it does not comply, to enforce reciprocal measures. The so-called Macron bill was adopted by the French Parliament last month and was described by FTAI as a direct assault on the principle ... [+]

Transport associations call for standstill on new French law

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and FTA Ireland (FTAI) have called for urgent postponement of a new French employment requiring all drivers and similar road workers visiting the country to carry documents proving they earn the country’s minimum wage. With just 15 days before the 1 July deadline, the situation for ... [+]

Irish truckers priced out

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland (FTAI) says high operating costs are pricing the country’s transport firms out of the market. Latest figures show that foreign operators are moving most of Ireland’s goods, it says. FTAI general manager Neil McDonnell, said: “We have consistently warned the Government about the danger ... [+]

More mayhem in Calais

Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) released photographs of a truck damaged by stone-throwing migrants in Calais. The windscreen of the Virginia International Logistics lorry was cracked in two places in the attack. FTAI general manager, Neil McDonnell, said: "We understand the terrible conditions under which migrants and asylum seekers are living in ... [+]

FTA Ireland urges action over Calais

The Freight Transport Association of Ireland has written to foreign affairs and trade minister Charles Flanagan urging him to ensure action is taken so that Irish citizens can use Calais and other French ports without delays or threats to their personal safety. Striking ferry workers have caused closures and delays at ... [+]

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