MEPS put off truck vote again

MEPs have decided to again postpone a vote on the cross-border operation of trucks up to 25 metres long and 60 tonnes (so called gigaliners), due to be held at the European Parliament's Committee on Transport (TRAN), on 18 March. A compromise amendment drafted bya number of political groups is instead asking the European Commission to produce a report by 2016, and present a legislative proposal if necessary.   [+]

Brussels truck vote postponed

A vote on vehicle weights and dimensions by the European Parliament's Committee on Transport (TRAN), scheduled for 11 February, has been postponed after Euro-politicians failed to reach agreement on compromise amendments. The vote was intended to decide whether longer trucks can cross borders between states that accept them on their ... [+]

Setback for larger trucks

The rapporteur on the proposed review of the EU Directive on larger long trucks is reported to be opposed to allowing them to operate across borders, even between countries that permit their use domestically – for example between Sweden and Finland. Leichfried's draft report on the review of Directive 96/53 ... [+]

Kallas set for collision with MEPs over cross-border gigaliners

EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas has decided to allow longer 25metre trucks of up to 60 tonnes – so-called 'gigaliners – to operate cross-border between two member states that authorise them on their territory. However, his interpretation of Directive 96/53/EC on the weight and dimension of vehicles could put him ... [+]

Kallas has yet another rethink on gigaliners

Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas is facing a revolt from some members of the European Parliament's Transport Committee over his apparent change of heart on whether to allow cross-border operator of so-called , where two adjacent member states allow the longer units to operate domestically on their respective territories. At a ... [+]

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