Green means must be economically sustainable, says shippers

Shippers need to find sustainable solutions to environmental challenges but without stifling economic growth, said the Global Shippers Forum (GSF) in response to the launch of the International Transport Forum (ITF) Transport Outlook 2019. GSF secretary general, James Hookham, said: “GSF is calling for an open dialogue between the shipping industry and the government to ensure policy measures remain practical and supportive of growth and jobs, while addressing the need to radically decarbonise transport; ... [+]

Bunker surcharges are return to dark ages, says shipper group

The Global Shippers Forum has described the emergency surcharges recently introduced by liner shipping conferences as “an unwelcome legacy of the cartel era”. GSF said that in recent weeks, the world's leading liner shipping companies have announced bunker surcharges in response to rising fuel costs “almost in unison”. In most cases, ... [+]

Shipper’s group appoints chair

The Global Shippers Forum has confirmed Sean van Dort as the organisation's new chairman. He is director of logistics and digital services integration for MAS Capital, a major apparel manufacturer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and has been a member of the GSF board since 2015.  Until recently, he was chairman ... [+]

The end of strife in shipping?

Representatives of the UK-headquartered Global Shippers Forum (GSF) have committed themselves to new talks on the future shape of world shipping, brokered by the International Transport Forum (ITF). The ITF, part of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), says the talks will involve global container shipping lines, shippers and ... [+]

Mega-Multimodal to explore mega-ships

The impact of mega-ships and alliances on shippers, new regulations affecting container packing, and opportunities created by free trade zones will all be explored during this year’s Multimodal. With the container industry building bigger ships to cut costs, and unparalleled consolidation within the industry through mergers and acquisitions, the shipping landscape ... [+]

Shipper chief to join cargo handlers board

Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) secretary-general Chris Welsh has been invited to join the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) board. GSF itself joined ICHCA in 2012 to promote cooperation between shippers and the international cargo handling community and to enhance safety standards in the maritime supply chain. Mr Welsh said ... [+]

Should shipping lines go head to head? (Updated)

Should shipping lines go head to head? Shipping lines might in future have to compete head to head rather than through the current system of alliances, consortia and vessel sharing agreements, says the Global Shippers Forum (GSF) in a new report. The report (The Implications of Mega-Ships and Alliances for Competition and ... [+]

Shippers call for world air emissions deal

The Global Shippers’ Forum called on the aviation sector to agree a global deal to tackle climate change in its new Aviation Emissions Policy Statement. The sector currently represents only 2% of global carbon emissions but its projected could increase this significantly in the coming decades, says GSF. Meanwhile, shippers ... [+]

New talent for Global Shippers’ Forum

Sri Lankan Shippers’ Council chairman Sean Van Dort has joined the board of the Global Shippers’ Forum. He is also head of commercial and logistics at clothing and textile conglomerate MAS Holdings, which has 48 manufacturing facilities across 15 countries. The Sri Lankan Shippers’ Council became a member of GSF in ... [+]

Shippers vow to end surcharges by end of the decade

The Global Shipper Forum (GSF) announced a plan to put a stop to shipping surcharges at its annual meeting in Colombo, in late July. It described them as “a source of intense frustration to their customers around the world. GSF secretary general, Chris Welsh,  said: “GSF is looking to end the ... [+]

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