Bob Andrews, Globelink Fallow

Bob Andrews, managing director of Romford-headquartered seafreight consolidator Globelink Fallow has passed. Group chief executive Daniel Tok said that his gentle manners and peaceful demeanour “won many friends in the industry. We all know him to be a supportive colleague, cooperative partner and affable business counterpart. His friendly disposition will be missed by many for a long time to come. While we mourn his passing, we also want to celebrate ... [+]

Globelink Fallow reinstates Beirut

NVOCC Globelink Fallow has replaced its service to Tripoli, Lebanon, with a service to Beirut. Following the explosion that devastated the city and port it operated a temporary service to Tripoli, about 80km from the city. The service will accept only non hazardous cargo until further notice. [+]

NVOCC resumes Lebanon link

NVOCC Globelink Fallow has reintroduced services to the Lebnanon, following the explosion that devestated the city and port. While operations to Beirut remain suspended, it has introduced a temporary service to Tripoli, about 80km from the city. [+]

Globelink Fallow stalwart to retire

John Slater is retiring from Globelink Fallow on 31 July after over 50 years in the industry. He was one of the Romford-based consolidator’s best-known faces, particularly in the North of England and the Midlands, where he worked on the sales team for over 20 years. [+]

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