Put liner consortia on the chopping block, say shippers

Freight industry stakeholders including the Clecat forwarders’ organisation, the Global Shippers Forum and the European Shippers’ Council meeting at a roundtable in Paris hosted by the OECD’s International Transport Forum on 19 February called for the shipping line consortia block exemption to be repealed. They said that market developments over the last five years meant that an in-depth review of the regulatory framework was needed; this had not occured since 2009. ... [+]

Bunker surcharges are return to dark ages, says shipper group

The Global Shippers Forum has described the emergency surcharges recently introduced by liner shipping conferences as “an unwelcome legacy of the cartel era”. GSF said that in recent weeks, the world's leading liner shipping companies have announced bunker surcharges in response to rising fuel costs “almost in unison”. In most cases, ... [+]

Shipper’s group appoints chair

The Global Shippers Forum has confirmed Sean van Dort as the organisation's new chairman. He is director of logistics and digital services integration for MAS Capital, a major apparel manufacturer based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and has been a member of the GSF board since 2015.  Until recently, he was chairman ... [+]

FTA’s Chris Welsh to retire

Freight Transport Association director of global and European policy Chris Welsh is to retire at the end of May. He spent his career at FTA advancing the interests of shipping line and airline customers and, through his work with the British Shippers' Council, has provided an effective voice for the customer ... [+]

The end of strife in shipping?

Representatives of the UK-headquartered Global Shippers Forum (GSF) have committed themselves to new talks on the future shape of world shipping, brokered by the International Transport Forum (ITF). The ITF, part of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), says the talks will involve global container shipping lines, shippers and ... [+]

Industry calls for action on container packing

The Global Shippers Forum (GSF), ICHCA International, TT Club and World Shipping Council (WSC) called for government backing for the International Maritome Organisation (IMO)’s code of practice for container packing at London International Shipping Week in September. GSF secretary general, Chris Welsh, told a meeting held at the IMO: "Our coalition epitomises the depth ... [+]

Video promotes simple shipping contract

The Global Shippers’ Forum and the BIMCO shipping association have released a jointly produced video to promote the benefits of using their ready-made standard service contract, SERVICECON, aimed primarily at small to medium sized shippers which may not have the resources to develop their own service agreement. [embed][/embed] [+]

Bad packing the culprit in two thirds of cargo damage

About two thirds of damages to cargo result from poorly packed, blocked or secured cargo in containers and trailers, said a group of cargo expert ahead of European Shipping Week in Brussels from 27 February. Global Shippers Forum (GSF); the cargo handling group ICHCA, liner shipping organisation World Shipping Council (WSC)and ... [+]

Safe packing seminar

The International Cargo Handling Coordination Association, Global Shippers’ Forum, World Shipping Council and nd TT Club are to host a seminar and survey on safe packing of cargo transport units in Brussels, 27 February as part of European Shipping Week. It will address the dangers posed to the supply chain ... [+]

Shipper chief to join cargo handlers board

Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF) secretary-general Chris Welsh has been invited to join the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA) board. GSF itself joined ICHCA in 2012 to promote cooperation between shippers and the international cargo handling community and to enhance safety standards in the maritime supply chain. Mr Welsh said ... [+]

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