Heathrow Runway Three clears another hurdle – updated

The High Court has thrown out a challenge brought by local councils, environmental groups and the London Mayor to plans Heathrow’s third runway. Their case had hinged on the argument that the government's National Policy Statement in support for the plan had not taken into account the effect of pollution, noise and other factors. In response, a Heathrow spokesman said: “We are delighted with today’s ruling which is a further demonstration ... [+]

New information system speeds up Heathrow cargo, says CCS UK

The CCS-UK User Group says its AIS (Advance Information System) is bringing real results at Heathrow Airport, and helping to reduce congestion at the UK’s busiest airfreight gateway. Two years ago, CCS-UK User Group – the body which represents all users of the UK’s air cargo community computer system, CCS-UK – ... [+]

BIFA boss cautious over Heathrow runway

BIFA director-general Robert Keen has sounded a note of caution over the recent vote by MPs in favour of a third Heathrow runway. He said: “Whilst BIFA welcomes the positive news from Parliament…the obstacles that the project still faces leave me with a certain sense of foreboding whether the spades ... [+]

MPs vote for Heathrow third runway

MPs voted 415 to 119 in favour of a third runway at London Heathrow airport on the evening of 25 June, possibly bringing down the curtain on a controversy that has lasted over 20 years. Conservative MPs were forced to support the government plan although Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who as ... [+]

Vote ‘yes’ to Heathrow Runway Three, say BIFA and FTA

Speaking ahead of 25 June’s parliamentary vote on the National Policy Statement for Heathrow expansion, BIFA director general Robert Keen said he hoped it would “see the end of years of procrastination over the expansion of UK aviation capacity, with the UK Parliament voting in favour of a new runway ... [+]

Heathrow third runway in the queue for take-off

The Cabinet has approved plans for a third runway at Heathrow, paving the way for a vote by MPs on the controversial issue. However, a positive outcome can by no means be relied on. Many MPs, along with one Cabinet Member, foreign secretary Boris Johnson, are vehemently opposed to the scheme, ... [+]

Blast from the past

On the 50th anniversary of the Roskill Commission report – which urged expansion of London’s airport capacity in the 1960s – business groups representing over 500,000 companies have written to the Prime Minister calling on her to table a vote on Heathrow expansion. They said that Heathrow expansion would double ... [+]

April surge for Heathrow cargo

Cargo at Heathrow enjoyed its 21st consecutive record month in April with traffic by value increasing by 2.3%, compared to the same time last year. The US (+4.1%), India (+7.1%) and China (+10.9) were among the fastest growing countries for cargo. [+]

Heathrow congestion is under control, says cargo chief

Congestion in the cargo area of the UK’s business airport is getting under control, Heathrow head of cargo Nick Platts told FBJ in an interview at Multimodal on 1 may. Measures were in hand to keep traffic at the busy ‘Horseshoe Road’ (Shoreham Road) area under control and had produced ... [+]

Bright outlook for Heathrow export climate

The UK is in a strong position, according to the first issue of Heathrow Airport’s quarterly Export Climate Index published on 7 March. Carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), It tracks the health of the UK’s export economy using eight measures such as the number ... [+]

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