Brexit bureaucracy hits GB to Northern Ireland trade

Most aspects of Northern Ireland’s trade are working well – with the exception of movements from Great Britain to the province, Manufacturing NI chief executive Stephen Kelly told a session of the House of Commons International Trade Committee on 8 December. “GB suppliers were wholly unprepared to ship to Northern Ireland. This is where all the friction and contention is,” he told the gathering of experts and MPs. Businesses needed stability ... [+]

Government refuses to provide detail on freeport effects

The House of Commons International Trade Committee said it was disappointed that the Government had not agreed to publish an impact assessment for the freeports policy on economic growth, trade, investment and jobs but instead would only publish “costings” for the programme. However, the Government had commited to providing annual updates ... [+]

Government urged to keep close tab on freeports

The Parliamentary International Trade Committee is urging the Treasury to promptly publish an impact assessment for reports including estimates for economic growth, trade, investment and job creation, in a report published on 20 April. It remains to be seen how successful freeports will be at achieving these objectives, the committee adds. The ... [+]

Traders’ woes mount in post-Brexit world

British Chambers of Commerce director of trade facilitation, Liam Smyth, says his members have suiffered additional costs in terms of both time and money, and many businesses had turned away from international trade as a result. He told witnesses at a House of Commons International Trade Committee enquiry on 11 February ... [+]

Trade Committee to probe freeports plans

The parliamentary International Trade Committee will hold a virtual evidence session of its inquiry into the Government’s plans for freeports in the UK when it returns to work on Wednesday 9 September. It follows the consultation launched earlier this year, on establishing up to ten freeports at locations to be determined. In ... [+]

UK teetering on trade ‘cliff edge’

The House of Commons International Trade Committee has warned that the Government needs to act quickly to roll over the trade deals it currently enjoys as a member of the EU trade, otherwise it “risks falling off a cliff edge”. The Committee did however welcome the Government's latest move to ask that the ... [+]

Trade Committee to hold Brexit and Ireland session

The House of Parliament International Trade Committee will hold a one-off session on the implications of possible arrangements for the Northern Ireland-Ireland border for wider UK trade policy on Wednesday 13 December. Giving evidence will be international trade and European law specialists Dr Lorand Bartels and Dr Sylvia de Mars and the session will ... [+]

Updated: UK wants to ‘cut and paste’ EU trade deals

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is planning to seek “transitional adoption” of the EU’s free trade agreements (FTAs) — in other words, translate existing FTAs from EU into UK law or by adopting them into UK law on an interim basis, pending renegotiation at a later stage, says the ... [+]

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