That’s a lot of biriyanis

ABP Ipswich recently handled the MV Ijborg, carrying over 8,000 tonnes of rice from New Orleans. At nearly 143 metres long, the ship required three tug boats to berth safely. As one of the leading grain-handling ports in the UK, Ipswich handled over 900,000 tonnes in 2020, including agribulks and fertiliser. [+]

Brett and ABP Ipswich break records

ABP’s Port of Ipswich handled the highest tonnage for Brett Aggregates since 2000 during 2017. Both parties have been investing in port infrastructure and equipment, including Brett’s new processing plant and rail capacity An extra 90,361 tonnes was handled this year, a 27% year on year increase. Marine-dredged aggregates arrive by ... [+]

Fork trucks for Ipswich

ABP’s Port of Ipswich is investing £170,000 in a fleet of new Linde forklift trucks Equipped with hydraulic fork positioners to aid their operators and make the process of transporting materials more efficient, they also have the latest fuel efficient engines. [+]

Ipswich grain still growing

ABP Ipswich says it has again broken records with larger vessels and saw a surge in ship calls in 2016. In total, 743 ships called at the port, up 8% on 2015 figures, while gross rose 13% to 2.6 million gross tonnes last year. Ipswich, which is the UK’s leading export ... [+]

Easy does it in Ipswich

Precision planning and cooperation between the Port of Ipswich and marine agencies recently saw the largest vessel ever call at the port. The Dijksgracht, 156.93 metres long, arrived at Ipswich with a shipment of 10,500 tonnes of rice from Texas for discharge at the Orwell Bulk Terminal opened last year. The ABP ... [+]

Grain flows freely through Ipswich

ABP’s Port of Ipswich, the UK’s number one grain exporting port, has handled more than one million tonnes in the 2015/16 harvest year, a record for the port and its customers. In the last harvest year, which ended on 30 June, over 1.09 million tonnes were handled, surpassing the previous ... [+]

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