Russia to lift ban on lorry-driving ladies

Russia’s Ministry of Labour is to lift a ban on women becoming professional truck drivers as part of a sweeping away of legislation that currently bans them from a range of ‘physical’ jobs including firefighting and driving buses of more than 14 seats The legislation inherited from the former Soviet Union covers 456 jobs in more than 30 different sectors. [+]

First TIR truck to China

The first successful TIR transport from Europe to China was completed in late February in 12 days - 7,400km journey from Germany to Khorgos in Chinese – reports the International Road Transport Union (IRU). Carrying 12 tonnes of automobile lubricant in challenging winter conditions, the truck travelled through Belarus, ... [+]

Cheaper than a plane, faster than a train

Ceva Logistics has taken part in the project to send the first ever TIR truck from China to Europe. A trial run from Khorgos, China via Kazakhstan to Poland operated on 13 November, in conjunction with the International Road Transportation Union and Alblas and Jet-rail, arriving at destination in just ... [+]

Tech is the future, but it will cost, says IRU survey

The trucking industry is optimistic about a new high tech future, and the majority believe that autonomous trucks will be a viable option in the next ten years, according to a survey of 450 firms by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) published on 5 November. However, transport companies worry about ... [+]

Oman to join TIR

Oman is to join the TIR, becoming the latest Gulf country to join the customs transit scheme. The International Road Transport Union (IRU) said it would work closely with government agencies to develop a digital using the latest technologies. Bilateral trade between Arab countries is currently as low as 10% ... [+]

Pakistan TIR goes live

The Pakistan International Chamber of Commerce (PNC-ICC) issued the first TIR carnet this week to Pakistani transport operator, TCS Logistics on 12 October. It follows recent meetings in Istanbul between Afghanistan and Pakistan where they agreed to initiate test operations from Karachi to Kabul and vice versa. There are now plans to ... [+]

Border crossing to boost China-Europe road transport

The IRU reports that Kazakhstan and China have opened a new border crossing at Nur Zholy-Khorgos to boost trade along the new 8,445km Western China to Western Europe expressway,  part of China’s Belt and Road project. It is part of a huge road project across Russian, Kazakhstan and China.It is ... [+]

India joins TIR

India formally implemented the TIR customs guarantee system on 15 August, the country’s Independence Day, the IRU reports. The move is expected to make cargo movements easier and more efficient, including the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) via Iran. The INSTC provides global access to markets, connecting India to the wider ... [+]

Vietnam on road to TIR

The International Road Transport Union and Vietnam Customs have agreed a joint action plan to support the country’s accession to the TIR Convention. China’s activation of TIR is expected to kick-start improved trade flows between the two nations but until now the lack of common guarantee mechanisms in South East Asia ... [+]

Five countries to test e-CMRs

The Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Romania and Serbia are to start testing electronic consignment notes (e-CMR) on cross-border transport as part of a European Commission (EC) funded project, reports the International Road Transport Union. It forms part of the AEOLIX project (Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange) – which includes e-CMR ... [+]

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