Come on in, the water’s lovely, says pallet pool operator

Airfreight cargo equipment operator Jettainer says its ULD sharing platform is currently about 25,000 tons of CO2 by avoiding unnecessary deadheading – but has much greater potential. The no-cost platform allows airline controllers to share ULDs around the globe, reducing fuel use, costs, and emissions. Taking a more deliberate approach to ULDs as a resource has massive potential to make aviation more sustainable, it says. Avoiding just one empty AKE container ... [+]

Less is more

  Airfreight unit load device manager Jettainer is developing a new lightweight pallet weighing only 70kg – 32kg less than standard designs, it says. It is made of a composite material that is being used in the aviation sector for the first time. It is manufactured with a sandwich design and does ... [+]

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