Manston air cargo hub gets green light

The Secretary of State for Transport has given development consent to a scheme by RiverOak Strategic Partners to reopen Manston Airport, in Kent as a cargo hub. The decision was originally due to be taken in January and was postponed to May before being postponed again. According to the Department for Transport, it would be able to handle at least 10,000 air cargo movements per year and also offering passenger, executive ... [+]

Manston decision on 10 July

The deadline for a decision on whether to grant RiverOak Strategic Partners a Development Consent Order (DCO) to build a cargo terminal at the closed Manston Airport came has been postponed until 10 July, having already been delayed by four months from January. Stone Hill Park sold the Kent site ... [+]

New owners pledge to reopen Manston as cargo hub

Stone Hill Park has sold the closed Manston airport in Kent to RiverOak Strategic Partners, which says it will reopen it as a cargo hub. The sale follows the permission fromthe Secretary of State for Transport, as the airport is also a designated lorry parking site in the event of ... [+]

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