Box rates droop as commodity shippers switch to bulk

Global trade in containerisable goods continued the decline observed at the end of Quarter 2 during the third quarter of 2022, but the drop in overall volumes was much less than that reported by the container shipping sector, said the latest issue of the Container Shipping Market Review published by the Global Shippers Forum (GSF) and consultants MDS Transmodal. It attributed this to commodities such as coffee, scrap metal and plywood ... [+]

Liner collusion – it’s worse than you think, says Global Shippers Forum – updated

Current measures to create competition in liner shipping fail to take full account of the degree of co-operation between carriers according to the latest Container Shipping Market Quarterly Review by MDS Transmodal and the Global Shippers Forum (GSF).  The report suggests that a modified measure is used that better reflects the ... [+]

Ports lose third of container capacity during 2021

Research by MDS Transmodal (MDST), commissioned by Global Shippers Forum (GSF), has found that global ports lost over a third of their expected container capacity during 2021. It led to delays and disruption for shippers and harmed the economies of some smaller developing nations, said the report. Capacity was lost either due ... [+]

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