Cash injection for Nexiot

Logistics tech firm Nexiot has secured a CHF15 million (US$15.5 million) from Credit Suisse and insurance company Mobiliar Versicherungen, among others. Nexiot will continue to develop new technology for the logistics industry, increase its team, and expand its commercial activities internationally. Last year it opened new offices in Hamburg and Dallas. [+]

Smart sensor specialist embraces the Blockchain

Nexiot, which pioneered use of smart sensors for non-powered assets in the supply chain, can now integrate its services with a Blockchain type Distributed Ledger as part of its Digital Logistics Platform. Nexiot’s self-sustaining sensors send messages every five minutes from assets such as rail wagons, shipping containers and boxes, including ... [+]

The sensor gets smart

Industrial internet firm Nexiot is equipping the entire European wagon fleet of rail leaser VTG with what it describes as a revolutionary design of smart sensor. Unlike previous designs, which could only transmit information a few times a day, the sensors can communicate with users every five minutes, says the company. The ... [+]

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