Pallite offers space-saving solution

Pallite, the manufacturer and retailer of paper honeycomb pallets, pallet boxes and layer pads, has diversified with the launch of a new warehouse storage solution range – Pallite Pix  is a range of lightweight, flexible and robust storage and shelving systems made from 100%-recyclable paper honeycomb deck, that are designed to consolidate pick-faces. By creating free space, companies can store more product and ultimately increase warehouse yield while maintaining the ... [+]

The paper pallet – stiff competition for wood?

The wooden pallet is seemingly a fixture in the logistics landscape, but could it face a stiff challenge from the Pallite so-called 'paper' pallet? Although pallets made of alternative materials like fibreboard aren't exactly a new idea, Pallite's new design, made from recycled paper, Kraft paper and glue, could offer ... [+]

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