New bill threatens booming EU exports

ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks says that the Northern Ireland Protocol bill had been published on the same day that new Government figures were published showing Britain’s EU exports broke all previous records in April. UK manufacturers and retailers saw export sales increase by 8.1%. He said: “Exports to the EU rose by £1.2bn over March and have now climbed for three consecutive months.” But he warned: “Sadly, today’s “go-it-alone” ... [+]

UK safety mark could add to red tape

The new UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) mark could create further headaches for shippers to the EU, says broker ParcelHero. Currently, a wide range of products manufactured or distributed in the UK and the EU are required to carry the EU’s CE mark to show that they meet European legal requirements. However, ... [+]

Northern Ireland row could send UK back to ‘no deal’ Brexit, warns parcels expert

Triggering Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol – taking unilateral ‘safeguard’ measures– could collapse the UK’s entire trade deal with the EU, warns David Jinks, head of consumer research at ParcelHero. He said that if that happened, it would effectively send the UK “spiralling back towards a no-deal Brexit, with ... [+]

Further grace period for NI trade welcome but…

ParcelHero welcomes further grace period for checks on goods entering Northern Ireland as EU-UK negotiations reach stalemate.ParcelHero has welcomed the UK government’s decision to further extend the grace period for checks on goods entering Northern Ireland. The broker points out that, unlike the first time the UK extended the grace ... [+]

Government in ‘secret’ talks to readmit foreign drivers

A parcel broker says the Government is having ‘secret’ talks that could result in non-UK HGV drivers, including EU nationals, being called back to the country on temporary visas. ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks says that the driver shortage is potentially that it could lead to empty shelves or ... [+]

Brexit celebration premature, says broker

Non-EU imports have outstripped EU imports for the first time but that does not make Brexit a success, says broker ParcelHero. It says that latest government statistics show that non-EU imports have declined less alarmingly than those from the Union. Chancellor Rishi Sunak told the BBC that the Government had invested ... [+]

UK trade is cause for concern, says ParcelHero

The latest UK trade figures, which showed a £65bn fall in the value of British exports in February, make grim reading, says broker. ParcelHero. It says PM Boris Johnson’s claim that his deal will leave Britain ‘prosperous and dynamic and contented’ looks increasingly far-fetched.Head of consumer research, David Jinks described ... [+]

Brexit plans in ‘meltdown’ warns parcels broker

The Government’s Brexit plans are in crisis, with the EU threatening legal action over Northern Ireland border checks and UK e-commerce stores facing a 35% drop in sales of products sourced outside the country, says ParcelHeroThe parcels service broker warns Brexit is likely to cost UK traders £5.25bn in lost ... [+]

Northern Ireland delays set to worsen as UK-EU talks stall

A UK-EU Joint Committee meeting on 24 February has failed to extend the grace period on new controls on parcels and food moving between the UK and Northern Ireland, due to end on 31 March. This could increase which could increase delays and red tape significantly, said broker ParcelHero. The UK ... [+]

Traders struggle with post-Brexit measures, says ParcelHero

One in three UK importers are struggling at borders and Northern Ireland trade is collapsing, says ParcelHero The parcels broker quoted the latest Office for National Statistics  (ONS) report which, said ParcelHero, showed that businesses are reporting spiralling Brexit challenges while dDoubt has been cast on the viability of the Northern ... [+]

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