Packaging firm ready for the Covid vaccine rush

Temperature-controlled packaging firm Peli BioThermal has produced a deep frozen range capable of keeping products at between -80°C and -20°C. The new offerings will help pharmaceutical companies and their supply chains to bring Covid-19 vaccines and therapeutics to market, it says. Product lines that offer deep frozen options include parcel and pallet sizes, as well as single use and reusable temperature controlled shippers. Many are also available through the Crēdoon Demand ... [+]

Frankfurt station for thermal package firm

Temperature controlled packaging specialist Peli BioThermal has opened a network station at Frankfurt Airport. It will also serve as an additional depot for the company’s Crēdo on Demand reusable packaging rental program. [+]

White paper address pharma shipping conundrum

Temperature controlled packaging specialist Peli BioThermal has released a white paper on market solutions for protecting  temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals while in transit. Titled Active Shipping Containers vs Passive Shipping Containers, it provides guidance on making the optimum choice to eliminate confusion, reduce risk and save money evaluating the two main classes ... [+]

Cool packaging firm opens in South America

Temperature controlled packaging firm Peli BioThermal has opened a South American service centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new facility will service reusable Crēdo Cubeparcel shippers, including refurbishment and repair. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest pharmaceutical market and the largest economy in South America. [+]

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