Samskip and Matrans to set up Rotterdam hub

Shortsea operator and Samskip and logistics firm Matrans are to open a new central hub in Rotterdam to handle containers and breakbulk transport. Samskip will achieve increased control over vessel, rail and barge operations, mitigating bottlenecks. Matrans will continue operations for existing customers in breakbulk, containers and ro ro. The terminal will offer faster and more reliable transit times with the lowest possible CO2 with electrification of vehicles, shore power and solar ... [+]

Samskip launches UK-Oslo and Bilbao routes

Samskip has launched a dedicated shortsea container service between Rotterdam, Oslofjord,Tilbury and Imingham, with the first three vessels departing from the multimodal operator’s Matrans Terminal in Rotterdam, en route for Norway in mid-March. The new service includes three port calls in Oslo, two port calls in Moss and one call per ... [+]

Samskip moves across the Humber and adds Klaipeda

Short-sea operator Samskip is to switch the UK call for its weekly Baltic Sea service from Hull to the neighbouring ABP-owned Humber port of Immingham, on the other side of the Humber Estuary. Samskip has an owned truck fleet based at the port for deliveries. At the same time, it is ... [+]

Humber welcome for new Samskip service

Associated British Ports (ABP) port of Hull officially welcomed Samskip’s new weekly service from Riga, Helsinki and Rotterdam on 14 November. ABP regional director for the Humber, Simon Bird, said: “The new service will give existing and new customers the opportunity to connect directly with the UK as Hull is ideally ... [+]

Samskip launches link to Latvia and Finland

Samskip is launching a new direct short-sea service between Finland, Latvia, the UK and the Netherlands. The new route, operated by two ships, connects Rotterdam, Helsinki, Riga and Hull with a five-day transit time from Riga to Hull, and seven days from Helsinki to Hull. Door-to-door service will be offered, along with ... [+]

Samskip ships to link Netherlands-Norway green corridor

The cities of Rotterdam and have signed a memorandum of understanding for a Green Corridor, anticipating the launch of Samskip’s zero-emission short sea container ships. The cities’ two ports have also committed to accelerate green transition in shortsea shipping. Both have invested in decarbonisation initiatives as part of their commitments to the ... [+]

Sam’s gone to Iceland

Shortsea operator Samskip has launched a weekly service from the north-west Continent to Iceland. Port rotation is Gothenburg-Aarhus-Runavik-Reykjavik-Grundartangi-Vestmannaeyjar-Runavik-Rotterdam-Cuxhaven-Gothenburg. [+]

Samskip to operate green hydrogen ships

Short-sea operator Samskip has commissioned two hydrogen-fuelled vessels for its west European routes from Indian shipyard Cochin Shipyard. Once commissioned, they will be among the first zero emission short sea container vessels in the world using green hydrogen as fuel. Each is expected to achieve around 25,000 tons of CO2 ... [+]

Samskip adds rail option from Germany to Scandinavia

Intermodal carrier Samskip and Hector Rail have started a three-times weekly block train service connecting Duisburg and Rostock in response to requests for more multimodal capacity between Germany, Sweden and Finland.     The all-electric train links the Duisburg Hohenbudberg terminal and the Rostock Trimodal terminal where ro-ro connections are available. It opens ... [+]

Samskip cleans up its act

Samskip is using Value Maritime’s ‘Filtree’ gas cleaning to clean up the exhaust from its Samskip Innovator and Samskip Endeavour container vessels. A gas cleaning unit behind the funnel pumps recovered CO2 to a battery housed in containers carried on deck. For ships running on conventional marine fuels, the Filtree system ... [+]

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