Time for a shipping speed-up?

Ship operators should consider speeding up services again now that fuel prices have tumbled, says Danish analysts, SeaIntel. Many ship operators have resorted to slow- or super-slow steaming at a time when fuel costs have hit all-time highs, but oil prices now have fallen more than most people had thought possible a year ago. At the same time it would reduce shippers’ inventory costs and make shipping more attractive compared ... [+]

Shipping reliability reaches all-time low, says SeaIntel

Global liner shipping schedule reliability decreased again in February, to a new all-time low performance of 68.4%, down from 69.5% in January 2014, according to SeaIntel’s Global Liner Performance report for March 2014. Hamburg Süd remained the most reliable carrier in February seen from a global perspective, with a performance of ... [+]

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